Media production

We are a design and contests digital media company, selling advertisement space and advertorials. Using the network that we have cultivated through this media management business, we act as a coordinator between the various stakeholders as well.

Established in 1997, with “design” as the key word, "JDN (Japan Design Net)" is an online media platform that offers the latest news of the industry both domestically and internationally, features up-and-coming designers, interviews, and event information, covering all aspects of design from a variety of angles. We provide information daily to our users, introducing new projects by companies, governments, designers, as well as any other information that will inspire their creative mind.

Online traffic (2018)
110 thousand users per month
360 thousand page views per month
User attribute
age : teens 10.6%, twenties 28.6%, thirties 33.4%, forties 24.7%, fifties and over 2.7%
sex : male 42.3%, female 57.7%

"Design-no-Tobira (The Door into Design)" is an online media which provides information of design school. Aiming to be a bridge between school and people. It started in 2021, expanding former media "Sotsu-Ten (exhibition of graduation works)" started in 1998.

Online traffic (2020)
17 thousand users per month | 50 thousand page views per month

Diverged from JDN, "Tou-Ryu-Mon (a gateway to success)" is Japan’s biggest online aggregation platform focusing on contest information. Currently introducing over 2,000 contests annually, we aim to cover all contests including competitions and award information."Tou-Ryu-Mon" continues to be the platform where users who are looking for the latest information, and event hosts who are looking for the best candidates, can get connected.

Online traffic (2018)
240 thousand users per month
1.75 million page views per month
User attribute
age : teens 10.0%, twenties 27.4%, thirties 19.5%, forties 20.1%, fifties 11.1%, sixties and over 11.9%
sex : male 44%, female 54%, non-respondent 2%

"Design-no-oshigoto (job information for designers)" is a online job search engine for designers. Established in 1997, we have published more than 10,000 job offers. We provide a platform to connect job offers and potential candidates relating to graphic design, product design, interior design, architecture, art, web, and entertainment.

Online traffic (2018)
22 thousand users per month | 117 thousand page views per month

Contest consulting and administration

We combine the abundant examples of contest information we have acquired through "Tou-Ryu-Mon (a gateway to success)", and the design information as well as the network we have built through "JDN(Japan Design Net)", to provide all agency services related to contests from planning, creation of promotional tools, customer service operation, coordination of judges, PR, advertising, to exhibition and award ceremony execution. We have received recognition for executing the most number of contests in the industry, as well as the strong promotional reach that "Tou-Ryu-Mon" has created as a media platform.


We can act as an intermediary agent and offer many kind of services based on our media and network. For further details, please feel free to contact us.

cases :
secondary use of our articles
market research to our readers
casting of designers, judges for contest, speakers
conducting workshop, ideathon
developing designs, V.I.
production of web, printed media, display
agent of advertisement, publicity
writing, giving a lecture, judging by a member of our company
and so on